GeoFora Conference Management

GeoFora Conference Management is a geo-economics conference management company, a fully owned subsidiary of Adviser: a strategic consultancy firm.

GeoFora Conference Management organizes conferences, seminars and private & public roundtable that address geo-economics development at the national, regional and international setting.

GeoFora Conference Management addresses geo-economic development and trends related to trade, logistics, transport and investment, geo-economics of cyber infringement, strategic industries, economic sanction and the creation of regional and international economic institution.

According to Royal Institute of International Affairs “Chatham House” Geo-economics is the use of economic tools & instruments, such as trade policy, investment policy, economic and financial sanctions, financial and monetary policy, energy and commodities, aid, cyber, etc... to advance geopolitical objectives. Geo-economics is the interplay of international economics, geopolitics and strategy. Therefore, practitioners of geo-economics must master the interplay / dynamics of these three forces.

Policy makers, business leaders and strategist must find the right platform to foresee, understand, and engage in intelligent deliberate to make them well informed in dealing with new challenges emerging at the corporate and public panorama.

GeoFora will facilitate such platform via it:

  • Conferences 
  • Seminars 
  • Privet and Public Roundtable 
  • Specialized Privet Meeting with Government & Stakeholders 

GeoFora Conference Management is specialized in planning and organizing all types of events, as mentioned above.

All of our events are planned by a team of top event management experts who have many years of experience in organizing events. Our flexible approach and undivided attention to match events with your business goals and objectives ensure its success.

To provide the highest standard of service and deal with client`s needs promptly we have established an excellent working relationship with leading suppliers including caters, decorators, sound and lighting services in Dubai, UAE.

We work in collaboration with you to provide best and unique events ideas that work best for you. Our service also includes advising and helping you draw guest list, manage logistics, accommodations and guest speakers.

On the day of event, we will be on hand to make sure everything goes as planned and you get most out of it. Not only this, we will also help you with follow up with stakeholders who may need further information or one to one briefing.

Our event management services include but not limited to:

Transregional infrastructure projects are probably one of the most dominant themes of modern geo-economics. China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) which seeks to expand maritime routes and land infrastructure networks connecting four continents is point in a case.

Geofora Conference Management will organize the Belt and Road Forum 2019

China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) seeks to expand maritime routes and land infrastructure networks connecting China with Asia, Africa and Europe, boosting trade and economic growth. This transformative program defines as its five major priorities: policy coordination, facilitating connectivity, unimpeded trade, financial integration and establishing new bonds between people and cultures.

Its name was coined in 2013 by China’s President the Honorable Xi Jinping. He drew inspiration from the concept of the Silk Road established during the Han Dynasty about 2,000 years ago – an ancient network of trade routes that for centuries connected China to the Mediterranean via Eurasia. Mr. Xi called for the building of a Silk Road Economic Belt and a 21st-century Maritime Silk Road, which would promote economic co-operation and connectivity, primarily through infrastructure investments, among the countries along their proposed routes.

The initiative – initially known as One Belt, One Road – aims to eradicate poverty, create jobs, address the consequences of international financial crises, promote sustainable development, and advance market-based industrial transformation and economic diversification. This is a long-term project which, for years to come, will give China a key role in guiding and supporting cultural, economic, political, and trade developments around the world.

The initiative now encompasses nearly 70 countries with a population of over 4.8 billion people, more than half the planet’s population. It covers economies worth a total some US$ 21 trillion, accounting for 62 per cent of the world’s GDP and about 65 percent and 30 percent of global land- and maritime-based economic production respectively. The Fitch ratings agency reported in 2017 that US$ 900 billion in projects were already planned or underway. The Belt and Road Initiative is vast encompassing countries that account for 29% of global GDP.

For more information visit the forum website

Event Planning and Organization

Icon Box Event Planning and Organization As your event organizing partner, you have a choice to either hire us for complete event management solution or can pick and mix the service you may require. We work with clients through initial design and planning of an event to post-event review. You will work with a team of dedicated professionals and enthusiastic project managers who will not only be creative and proactive in managing deadlines but will be there for you to provide assistance before, during and after your event.

Hotel/Accommodation Booking

We also offer our clients accommodation booking service, where we can book group accommodation allocations or make individual reservations. Whether its hotel, serviced apartments or something more unusual, our bulk buying power helps us significantly reduce your event accommodation costs.

Delegates Registration and Logistics.

Regardless of the size of your event, we provide complete service to ensure your delegates are professionally managed. When required we become your conference office where we deal with delegate enquires, registration, logistics and any other thing they may need saving you lot of valuable time and hassle. In addition to that, we can also manage follow-ups, provide detailed management reports as required that include all the information about cancellations, amendments, payments and number of queries processed.

Venue Finding & Booking.

We understand searching perfect venue for the event can be a time-consuming and daunting task, therefore; we can help in finding suitable venues and guarantee savings on their booking. We are not restricted to certain hotel chains or agencies for events but will contact any venues that we believe to be appropriate for your event.