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who we are


Leaders and decision-makers today face a growing number of increasingly complex challenges with limited time and fewer resources available to tackle them. We are a Dubai-based strategic consulting firm established in 2007 and our purpose is to provide timely expertise and actionable insights to decision-makers - helping them be better informed and more confident about making critical decisions on complex challenges.

We are committed to helping create new value for and with our clients as well as ensuring that they can continue to transform positively for the future.

Our core values of Integrity, Energy and Partnership ensure our teams and people always work to do the right thing in the right way, working with passion, motivation and commitment.

Because we make the challenges of our clients and partners into our own, focusing on developing relationships that will endure long into the future, our clients trust us to deliver on their needs with confidence.

Focusing on real-world challenges with strategy and policy, to our clients in government, private sector and international organizations we are trusted partners providing support through knowledge and foresight, helping them create new value.

CEO Thoughts

We bring together creative problem-solvers from different fields and a diversity of backgrounds - these are people with the expertise and the skills needed to assist decision-makers overcome strategic challenges and prepare for future ones. The purpose of our work is to support the strategic success and goals of our clients by helping discover, create, understand and proliferate new knowledge through the value chain.

We work scientifically with our methodologies and approaches but also at the highly cognitive and creative thinking levels to deal with the complexity that increasingly characterizes our world and our challenges today.

Looking ahead, there are new demands and opportunities emerging on businesses and the public sector at large to become more efficient, coherent and aligned. In this journey of constant change, improvement and transformation, we have an important role in generating foresight for our clients and bringing fresh ideas into their boardrooms that can help create new value.

Mahmood Sharif

A trusted long-term partner - that's what we want our clients to see us as.

Mahmood Sharif